Tennis in the Face – Switch Review

Tennis in the Face – Switch Review

10tons strikes again with yet another port of one of their games to the Nintendo Switch. It seems that every second game on the eShop is now one of their titles. Thankfully their games are fairly cheap and of a decent standard in general. Have they served up an ace with Tennis in the Face? Let’s find out!


As with most of 10tons titles, the story is very basic. You play as Pete Pagassi, an ex tennis superstar who was disgraced when his energy drink problem caused him to have to go into rehab. Once clean, he vows revenge against the evil energy drink corporation Explodz inc. Using his elite tennis skills, Pete must battle the townsfolk as they try to stop him from destroying the drink they are all addicted to.


This is a simple bouncer style game. You line up your shots with a cursor, tap A to make your shot, and watch as the ball bounces off of surfaces and enemies. The goal is to hit all of the people in the level with the 3 balls you have. Completing a level using less balls will grant you more points, although you progress as long as all the enemies are defeated regardless. One thing I noticed is that you can get a different result from hitting the same spot, so the physics aren’t as precise as you would want in a game like this.

Defeated enemies go into a rag doll state that can cause some rather funny moments. As you progress and come across levels with explosive objects, you can see your foes blast across the stage, flailing about in comedic fashion. Besides the explosive surfaces, you will come across other surfaces that differ from your standard floors and walls. For instance, there are glass walls that break on impact, destroying your ball in the process. There are also surfaces that move once struck, such as wooden planks, allowing you to set up a new angle to bounce your next shot from.


The level select screen is set up on a grid system, with each level consisting of 16 squares which are stages for the most part. You can only tackle stages directly adjacent to the ones you have completed, which limits the amount of stages you can attempt. After finishing all the stages in a level, you then progress to the next 16 square level, then rinse and repeat.

The art style isn’t too bad, with a cartoony style that makes you think of a typical mobile title you would find on the iOS or Android stores. There is some charm there, but overall it is a little lacking. The music and sound is real simple, and don’t stand out as being either overly good or offensively bad. At best they serve their purpose.

Overall, Tennis in the Face is simple and somewhat enjoyable. The levels can present a decent challenge, and the game can be fun in short bursts. That said, this game feels like it would be more at home on your mobile phone rather than the Nintendo Switch, and is also available on the iOS and Android stores for a very cheap price.

This review was written by guest contributor, Lachlan Bruce. You can find them on Twitter here. Game was provided by 10tons.

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