Crimsonland – Switch Review

Crimsonland – Switch Review

After pumping out their back catalogue on the Switch’s eShop, 10tons are back with their latest game, Crimsonland. According to 10tons themselves, they’re half way through putting their entire game library on Nintendo’s ever growing system.


Crimsonland is a top-down shooter with 2 Game modes “Quests” and “Survival”. In Quests you play 50 different levels to unlock perks, guns and a few variations of Survival. There are 3 difficulties to play the quests in, and you can choose to play with or without the perks.


There are 5 variations of guns in Crimsonland: Normal guns, plasma guns that are practically the same as normal ones, ion guns that do damage to enemies around the target, gauss guns that pierce and also miscellaneous guns like flamethrowers and rocket launchers.

While playing you get a perk every now and then by killing monsters and the perks range from health regeneration to making you immortal but there is a 5% chance you die if you get hit.

The graphics are not the greatest. It’s not ugly to look at but it does have the look of a mobile game and all the enemies are colour swaps of other enemies of the same type.


The gameplay gets old fast since all the enemies are just things walking in your direction and sometimes there are special enemies which range from the enemy that splits into smaller enemies a thousand times to an zombie that spawns more zombies.

The variations of survival and its replayability are probably to only good thing about this game. This mode is the same as quests but it goes on indefinitely and is randomly generated.

Survival: This is the standard mode you get random weapon pick ups and levels and are supposed to survive as long as possible.

Rush: You start with the assault rifle and don’t need to reload but there spawn a lot more enemies.

Weapon Picker: Your weapons run out of ammo and you need to pick up new ones.

Nukefism: no weapons only random power ups.

Blitz: The same as Survival but more everything.

Overall, Crimsonland was fun for about 3 hours in my case, but if you don’t like survival modes you’d probably get about 2 hours of entertainment out of it and I wouldn’t recommend it. If you like top down survival shooter then you can definitively get 4-5 hours of entertainment out of Crimsonland if not more.

This review was written by guest contributor, Lord Ereney. You can follow them on Twitter here. Game was provided by 10tons. 

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