Red Game Without A Great Name – Switch Review

Red Game Without A Great Name – Switch Review

The Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming a hotbed of indie and mobile ports, with developers trying to potentially introduce their titles to a new audience. iFun4all is one of the latest to bring over their catalogue, with Red Game Without A Great Name being their second title to release on the Switch in two weeks (Green Game: TimeSwapper being their first).

Red Game Without A Great Name is a game as strange as its title. This is a port of a game that came out in 2015, and has been released on multiple handheld devices including PlayStation Vita, iOS and Android. The story is non existent in game, with the backstory having to be found in the eShop’s description. You control a mechanical bird that must deliver a top secret message. Clearly the story isn’t the game’s strong point.

This game uses touchscreen controls, and thus can only be played undocked. The mechanical bird flies in a straight line, and you must swipe to different locations on the screen to make the bird teleport to where you want it to go. It’s simple, and the controls are tight. I felt like all my failures were on me, and not the fault of the game. Eventually you can collect power ups that allow you to break through walls, give you a speed boost or grant you a shield of invincibility. As you progress through the 60 levels you will have to dodge obstacles, such as barbed wire or moving windmill blades. The concept is simple to understand, but can get very difficult towards the end of the game.


The art style is simple, with all object being black, and the background differing shades of red. It is interesting, if a little drab. The plus side to this art style is that nothing distracts from the action, allowing you to easily concentrate on the level and maybe even achieve a nice flow state. The menu has a great song that matches the bizarre nature of the game, but unfortunately it is the only track the menus have. The in game music is a little wacky as well, and really ties into the strangeness of the whole game. The sound effects are minimal, with there only real being one for your teleport and death animations.

I wasn’t expecting much from Red Game Without A Great Name, but I walked away having quite a bit of fun. Overall, this is a fun little game with arcade style levels, a decent challenge and an entertaining art and musical direction. That said, I find it difficult to recommend this to Switch owners for two reasons. This is a touch screen only game and is also available on iOS and Android phones for next to nothing, and as such I can’t really say that you should get the Switch port over the mobile versions.

This review was written by guest contributor, Lachlan Bruce. You can find him on Twitter here. A review code was provided by iFun4all.

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