Word Puzzles by POWGI – Wii U

My first experience playing a Lightwood Games word puzzle game didn’t really go too well. So I must admit going into Word Puzzles by POWGI I still had Word Party on my mind. Thankfully they’ve swung me round with what is actually a decent option for word puzzle fiends. I

n Word Puzzles by POWGI (No, I’ve no idea what POWGI is) there are six puzzle types to wrap your head around. Let’s go through them one by one.

In Word Maze you are challenged with tracing a continuous path through a word search-like layout. Each puzzle has a word theme, for example “US States”, and the first will be highlighted such as FLORIDA, at the end of this word you must make a path through the next states in one continuous line until all them are found. It’s more difficult than it may sound especially as words can snake around in all directions, it also depends on your knowledge of certain subjects for example there are a lot of obscure colours or dog breeds that people may not know, which instantly makes it more difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

One Word is a standard word search puzzle game, but you’re only looking for one word in the whole puzzle. The puzzles are built around quotes from famous people that have the odd word missing. You have to fill in the gaps by finding the word. There are two big problems with this game which make it my least favourite of them all. The first is that knowledge of the actual quote helps a lot in finding the missing words, I’m a simple man and famous quotes have slipped through my brain so I often found myself scratching my head. The second problem I have with it is that in the whole word search, the only letters are of those found in the missing word. So if you are looking for the word HEART the only letters you’ll see scrambled together are H, E, A, R and T, it’s a mess finding the right one. In my blissful ignorance of the actual quote I spent most of my time looking for EARTH rather than HEART. Sure, the fact they only use the letters can be helpful in working out what you’re looking for, it’s still a mess and not particularly enjoyable.

In Circles there are three circles each with a bunch of letters in them, some of which cross over. You need to use these letters and spell out a word for each circle, so three words in total and they are connected in someway. The three words could be GERMANY, FRANCE and LUXEMBOURG. One slight catch is, the letter in the middle of the three over lapping circles is missing and you need to guess which one it is. Looking at the example, this missing letter could be E since they all share that letter. It’s an interesting word puzzle game, but I feel it would have been better had they given you what the general topic of the words was. It seemed, to me at least, that I instantly knew the solution or I was stumped for a long while. It’s an interesting game overall though.

Mixups is quite similar the last game in the fact there is defined topic with three words you need to find from letters scrattered around. Indeed it’s almost exactly the same aside from the overlapping circles and letter sharing. It’s passable if a little uninteresting.

Flowers is an interesting puzzle game. In the centre of the flower there are two letters, for example “AP”. Petals are around the flower and you must add two more letters on opposite petals to spell out a six-letter word. You can put “WE” at the front and then “ON” at the back to spell out WEAPON. I think this may be my favourite mode of them all as for me it was also the most rewarding when I was working it out.

Crossovers gives you two words overlapping each other, with the cross section having a missing letter. You have the choice between 4 options of which is the missing letter. So you could have W?LL B?ING with the crossover point being the ? . You can have the option to choose between A, R, E or I for the missing letter. Which if you take a moment to think about it isn’t that difficult, but if you’re trying to do it fast then it’s a little easy to trip over yourself. After all the missing letters are found, you use them so solve a riddle like a normal crossword. It’s pretty fun as it’s definitely the most fast paced game available.

With 480 puzzles divided into these six catagories, there’s plenty of content offered in World Puzzles, certainly nothing ground breaking but enough to keep you occupied for a decent while. The presentation is fine but the music is a little too stock and cheesy, which does begin to grate if you’re stuck on a particular puzzle.

It even boasts amiibo functionality albeit in a rather limited capacity. Basically, if your amiibo has a name attached to it (my Marth is PrinceM for example), it will create a Word Maze puzzle based around this name. You’ll be drawing a line through PrinceM after PrinceM after PrinceM. It’s not particularly interesting but it’s nice they thought of something for amiibo owners to do.

It should be noted is that although the TV and Gamepad project the same thing, since the input is always from the touch screen, you’ll be barely looking at the TV. It’s also worth noting that it’s cross-buy with the 3DS release which I’ll talk about soon enough.

Overall, Word Puzzles by POWGI is a decent and professional word puzzle game for those who like that sort of thing. It’s not setting the world on fire but 5 of the 6 puzzle types are nicely done and there’re a lot of them. I would say due to low frequency words and famous quotes it’s not particularly suitable for children as they may struggle, even with the hint system on occasions. But for those who like to sit down with a coffee and test their brains for 20 minutes at a time it’s a great option.

Good points

– Plenty of content

– Most of the puzzle types work well enough

Bad points

– Some puzzles could do with a little bit of tweaking

– The more I think about the music, the more I dislike it.

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