Word Puzzles by POWGI – 3DS

You may have missed our review of Word Puzzles by POWGI for the Wii U. This article is considering the 3DS version of the game, which has exactly the same content as the Wii U version. If you want a full lowdown of the game, please check the Wii U review, this article will just be regarding minor comparative things between the two versions.

So what does the 3DS version have to offer that the Wii U doesn’t? Well I’ll get straight to the winning point: Portability. The 3DS version offers the same content and gameplay but on the go. In fact the two screens are used more effectively here as information is spread between the two. The Wii U doesn’t do this as the TV and Gamepad are mirrored (not a complaint as it’s an understandable decision) so it’s a little more cluttered.

Despite being a 3DS game, there is no actual 3D to use, not that there would be much point, but it’s worth noting.

It still includes amiibo functionality if you have the “New” 3DS or the amiibo reader thingy at hand, and apparently the game makes use of Street Pass, which due to me seemingly being the only person in my city with a 3DS, I can’t try out.

Sure, the 3DS has the smaller screen, but it’s a lot more comfortable to hold and play compared to the Wii U gamepad. I’d rather sit on the sofa playing it on my 3DS than the Gamepad any day of the week. So not that there’s anything particularly wrong with the Wii U version, it’s just much more suited to the 3DS. Luckily if it’s cross buy, so you’ll automatically get both anyways.

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