Super Robo Mouse – Wii U

RCMADIAX is probably a well known developer/publisher to those who regularly follow Nintendo eShop updates. You can’t deny the determination they have to populate the platform with a large variety of short mini-game style experiences. It’s also fair to say that the reception has also been inconsistent with games ranging from decent to terrible. Super Robo Mouse is supposed to be different though, it’s the start of RCMADIAX’s voyage into “full game” territory. So how does Super Robo Mouse stack up against their previous titles? Well, I have no idea since this is the first one I’ve played. A good way to judge the game on its own merits.

In Super Robo Mouse you are a robotic mouse (who would have thought!) and the aim is to collect titanium cheese that’s hidden around the hazardous maze-like structures that house them. The amount of cheese you have to collect per stage varies, although I personally preferred it when there were fewer of them. Why? Well, Super Robo Mouse is rather difficult in its un-forgivingness. It doesn’t matter how many you’ve collected, or how close you are to the end of a stage you are, one touch by any hazard and it’s right back to the beginning. It’s gut wrenching to be honest. If you like a challenge, you’re going to get it here.

While I’m not going to complain about the difficulty being high, as I’m sure some of you will very it as a positive aspect of the game, I will complain about some aspects that make it unfair rather than a challenge, troll-ish if you will. One of the main culprits is the enemy that rotates on a 180 degree angle and shoots projectiles. Normally a fair challenge of timing and patience except when they shoot you from off-screen which happens more often than you’d like.

Then there are the dead ends. You’ve made your way through a lengthy hazardous corridor, dodging razors and bullets, only to find at the very end there’s nothing for you there, only wasted time. Be careful not to die on your way back! This doesn’t happen too often but when it does, it just spells out inconsiderate design.

What also makes the game difficult is the lack of a map. You’d think the gamepad screen would be ideal to help you find your bearings and plan out a route for each of the stages. Sadly that’s not the case. Instead you’re left to decide which fork in the road looks best and then remember to come back to test the other way. I feel this really could have improved the user experience the most out of any other thing. It’s not like the gamepad is doing anything useful aside from telling you how many cheese blocks are left.

I’ll keep saying it. Super Robo Mouse is a difficult game and will take time for you to make progress and master. It’s not a game you can blast through. Each stage will take you multiple attempts, learning every step of the way. Knowing the levels by heart and taking your time with each hazard is key. To be honest, it’s too much for me personally but I think there’s an audience for this kind of challenge.

It’s a decently sized game with enough content to get your money’s worth. With three worlds each with enough stages and the frustrating difficulty means you won’t be breezing through the game. The stages in the worlds themselves don’t vary up too much and you’ll come across the same few hazards in each. In the next worlds you’ll encounter different enemies, but for the most part they’re just slight variations of the first few.

The Super Robo Mouse has a very unpretentious and clean presentation. The artwork is bright, colourful and nicely simple. There’s no information on the screen, only the actually gameplay which is nice and refreshing. It is lacking a few things that really bring the feeling of a lower value production though. There are no sound effects in the game. A few simple ones here and there could have really added to the game. There’s no D-pad support, which I frankly feel would be better to play with. My thumb kept wandering over to it but no matter how hard I wished, wouldn’t work. It’s the lack of options all together to be honest. You can only select your stage and exit out of it with the B button.

The frame-rate while not terrible isn’t what it should be for such a simple game. I tried the game on both the Wii U internal memory and my external hard drive but still some levels can be abrasive in how unsmooth the frame-rate is. It’s not game breaking but definitely annoying.

Overall, I feel Super Robo Mouse is a game only for those who enjoy a difficult challenge. Personally I found it too frustrating and I didn’t enjoy having the patience to learn all the levels by heart. I think the addition of map and a few tweaks could have made it a better experience.

Good points

– Nice colourful, clean presentation

– Decent amount of challenging content

Bad points

– A map’s always useful

– Low production values

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