Pixel Maker (Wii U)

This is going to be a quick one. Why? Pixel Maker isn’t a game, it’s a creation tool. Following on from their 3D Voxel Maker app, Nostatic Software have removed a dimension and gone for a 2D pixel art creator. It’s a simple, no frills application for those who want to show off their artistic skills, something I’m devoid of.

As soon as Pixel Maker is booted up, you’re placed right into the creation tool. All the options, tool bars and guides are on the gamepad touch screen which clears the TV screen for a clean view of your artwork in progress. T

here are all the options you’d expect out of a simple art program that can ease your creative process. You can adjust the size of the pixels you draw, zoom in and out, use a grid as a guide, cut and copy and paste. All the usual suspects can be found.

You can easily customise colours and your palettes so you can just see the ones that you’ll be using at that particular time which is quite convenient. For more advance artists, you can take advantage of using layers.

I think that because the gamepad screen has limited space, the icons used for all of the tools are a little on the small side and it can be a little difficult to distinguish which tool is which and what they do. It’s not a major problem as the more you use them, the more it’ll become second nature to find them.

Once you find your feet with the tools, creating is really quite simple. With canvas sizes ranging from huge to tiny, the scale of your creation really is up to you. Sadly when you’ve finished your masterpiece, the only thing you can really do is show it off on Miiverse. Having seen Miiverse posts for games such as Pokemon Art Academy and others, it’s obvious this could be the biggest draw for Pixel Maker. If sharing your pixel work to get comments and likes is something you thrive on then Pixel Maker could be a cool addition on your Wii U.

A nice little bonus is that the game provides soothing music to listen to while you are drawing. It could have been complete silence and nobody would have cared, so it’s a nice touch.

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to export your creations to anywhere but Miiverse, which limits its usefulness as a real tool. Although I have seen the developers state they hope to add it in a future update.

Pixel Maker is a solid if unspectacular application for those who want to show off or improve their pixel skills, there’s nothing obviously wrong with at least that I (the non-artistic idiot) can point out. I’m sure there’s always room for more options and maybe an export option would be useful for some but Pixel Maker is what it is; a Miiverse boasting 2D art machine.

Good points

– Good use of the gamepad

– Simple convenient creation tool

Bad points

– Lack of exporting

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