Dragon Skills – Wii U

Dragon Skills – Wii U

It’s a tough race for the title of “most prolific eShop publisher”, but you can be damn sure that Joindots will be well in for a shout. From flight simulators to match-3 puzzlers, even hidden object games. They certainly have a broad spectrum for genres. Their latest release is Dragon Skills, which is yet another genre they can check off the list. Here we have a Breakout clone with a cutesy dragon-themed overlay.
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Grand Kingdom – PS Vita

Grand Kingdom is a turn based tactical RPG and the debut game of Monochrome Corp, published in the west by NIS America and it’s available on the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. This is a review of the Vita version. The premise of Grand Kingdom is that you are a leader of mercenaries, who after briefly being independent, is invited to join an even larger mercenary group. From here, after a brief introduction to your new clan, your skills are tested in the tutorial.
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3D Gunstar Heroes – 3DS / Genesis

If you ask any Mega Drive/Genesis collector out there for a list of 10 must have games for the system, you can probably bet Gunstar Heroes will be right up there. Released in 1993 from Sega and developed by industry favourites Treasure, it was in fact the newly formed studio’s first release. Now, over 20 years later, the masters over at M2 have given it the “3D Classics” treatment fans have been calling out for.
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Kick & Fennick – Wii U

Kick & Fennick is a 2.5D platformer from Jaywalkers Interactive and Abstraction Games. Kick is a small boy that wakes up in a dilapidated environment and finds a cute robotic friend called Fennick, who unsurprisingly looks a bit like a fennec fox. Sadly, Fennick’s tail is broken and the boy feels the need to replace it. And so the duo go on a dangerous, action-packed adventure.
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